How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel wire rope from the surface
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel wire rope from the surface

  1, from the packaging to see

  Stainless steel wire Rope quality in the packaging mainly reflected in the stainless steel wire rope After the arrival of the rope wheel deformation, broken or falling apart caused by stainless steel wire rope on the rope roll, squeeze, abrasion or no moisture pollution measures caused serious corrosion and affect users.

  The quality of stainless steel wire rope packaging is as follows: The rope pulley broke, the packing cloth torn and the improper hoisting rope buckle is unable to remove the improper loading and unloading in the gap of the rope, wood shaft broken, stainless steel wire rope fell loose wood shaft broke, wire rope scattered, rope wheel strength is not enough, rope wheel strength is not enough, after breaking caused serious disorderly volume, warehouse management disorder, disorderly heap disorderly put, warehouse management turbulence.

  2. Surface damage

  Stainless steel wire rope surface caused by contact with the external pressure, scratches, hanging injury, scratches or nail wounds, such as the surface damage, but in the manufacturing process due to press pressure die, the pre-variant or roll mold, such as plastic deformation does not belong to the category of surface damage.

  Pressure injury: Because the rope strands were crushed, stainless steel wire rope deformation, rope stock pressure injury, rope diameter and deformation caused by uneven twist, the gap increased, the gap increased, the core exposed, generally by the removal of the drop, external impact caused.

  Touch: After the injury, caused by the hard curved convex core exposed, generally caused by transport.

  Hang injury: After the rope strands are hung, the tightness of the strands is uneven; the winding rope is scrapped by a serious hanging wound, usually caused by the production process

  Scratch: This damage is caused by transport or handling defects, usually caused by transit.

  Nail injury: Line nails have been caused by internal damage, line nail fixed and the phenomenon is generally not a quality problem.

  Scratches: The outer layer of steel wire is scratched by the hard object, which causes the outer layer wire to loose, usually caused by transit.

  3. Surface rust (floating rust)

  The oxidation phenomenon of stainless steel wire rope surface (local or whole) appears. The cause of the rust on the surface of the new steel wire rope (floating rust):

  A. is the production of acid, alkali, salt and other substances residue on the surface of steel wire.

  Two. It is a steel rope oil containing acid, alkali or water too large.

  Three. It is a bad oil in the production of wire rope.

  Four. is the packaging moisture-proof measures improper (by its import wire rope to be transported by voyage) harmful gas impregnation and so on.

  New rope (especially the user requirements of stainless steel wire rope without oil) appears slight floating rust is allowed, but after wiping still have rust or have caused ma pits, pock should be held responsible for manufacturers.

  4. Zinc Plating defects

  Zinc-plated stainless steel wire rope galvanized steel wire rope surface cracking, shedding, zinc accumulation, zinc scar and exposed steel and other phenomena belong to galvanized defects. Zinc plating defects are mainly caused by the surface oil of galvanized steel wire or oxidized skin not washed off, zinc plating process Control is not strict, such as the purity of zinc, temperature, equipment running speed and smoothness, improper treatment of zinc slag and other reasons.

  5. Bad oil coating

  Poor coating is said to be stainless steel wire rope surface steel wire or hemp core impregnating agent and lubricant is missing, uneven phenomenon. The national stainless steel wire rope steel Wire Rope standard stipulates: "Unless the user otherwise requests, the steel wire rope all steel wire surface should not have not applied the lubricant the place." This is also a measure to improve the quality of stainless steel wire ropes.

  General stainless steel wire rope Wire rope factory use of steel wire rope oil There are two kinds: one is (impregnating) hemp Core grease, one is the external coating (surface grease).

  The main reason for the bad oil is: first, the domestic oil quality is not pass, but the way of dipping oil is improper. such as twisting the rope when the stainless steel wire rope through heating oil tank, the parking time is longer, oil temperature is too high, oil evaporation or leakage coating will cause bad oil, such as the phenomenon should be timely to take measures to protect.