How to ensure the safety work of stainless steel wire rope
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  How to ensure the safety work of stainless steel wire rope

  Stainless steel wire Rope with high strength, light weight, smooth work, not easy to suddenly break the root of the characteristics of steel, chemical, transportation, port and other industries can not be replaced, and the safety of stainless steel wire rope is also the focus of attention. The following are some of the possible scenarios that we have summed up and should stop the use of stainless steel wire ropes In one of the following situations.

  1, pay attention to the distribution of irregular wire rope damage, in 6 times times the length of wire rope, the same direction twist rope can not be more than the total number of wire rope total of 5%, the interactive twist rope can not be seen the total number of broken wire wire rope total of 10%.

  2, Knot, twist, squeeze caused by wire rope distortion, crushing, core damage, or steel wire rope compressed more than the original rope diameter of 20%.

  3, due to the electric arc caused by the wire rope melting or prolonged exposure to high temperature environment caused by the decline in strength.

  4, the taping place is serious extrusion, wear, metal casing damage or diameter reduced to 95% of the original diameter.

  5, the rope end fixed connection of the metal casing or braided parts slip out.

  One of the five situations, stainless steel wire rope should immediately stop the use of the corresponding treatment, can be replaced as far as possible to replace the new wire rope, to avoid a safety accident, I believe that we also understand the value of a wire rope with the operator's safety of which is lighter, so we can not careless, all cautious.