How to purchase the knowledge of stainless steel wire rope
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  How to purchase the knowledge of stainless steel wire rope

  Many customers for the stainless steel wire rope purchase is helpless, Xiao Bian according to the Chinese medicine Hango summed up the following points. You can learn more about this through the following introduction:

  The first is to look, is to observe the surface of the wire rope, in general, the quality of the wire rope can be directly observed from the naked eye, to see the wire rope packaging, wire rope twist quality, wire rope coating oil uniformity, wire rope strands have no loose clearance.

  Next is to smell, wire rope How still news ah? How can a mechanical thing smell? Right, is to smell, of course, the smell is the grease of wire rope, stainless steel wire rope  surface grease and so on; bad fat will emit a smell of odor, and this odor is very pungent, harmful to the human body, and after the use of sun and rain, this grease will soon play its effect, dry no viscosity.

  The third is to ask, ask the manufacturer about the performance of this wire rope, wire Rope Quality guarantee Certificate, and so on, stainless steel wire rope there is no corresponding wire rope invoices, in general, the new factory wire rope should have a wire rope quality certificate and so on.

  The four is cut, cut is to wire rope to the pulse, touch the flexibility of the wire rope, feel the surface of the wire rope is flat, wire rope roundness whether there is feel, whether the wire rope loose, loose degree, wire rope surface is not a burr and so on; if conditions permit, it is necessary to cut off the wire rope, stainless steel wire rope see whether the wire rope is out of the rotation, will loose core, wire rope core is the standard rope core and so on.

  Want to become a selection of stainless steel wire rope master must be patient, careful, the above summary you have learned?