The three major wear cases of stainless steel wire rope need attention
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  The three major wear cases of stainless steel wire rope need attention

  Stainless steel wire rope in operation with other objects in contact and relative movement, friction, in mechanical, physical and chemical action, the surface of wire rope is also constantly wear, wear is the most common stainless steel wire rope damage mode, so we need to understand the external wear, deformation wear and internal wear of these three cases.

  1. External wear stainless steel wire rope in the process of use outside the circumference of the pulley groove, drum Group, hook first-class surface contact with the wear caused by external wear. After the external wear, the diameter of the rope will be fine, and the fine steel wire on the outer surface is polished. The external wear of steel wire rope reduces the sectional area of the steel wire under load, and the breaking load of the wire rope decreases correspondingly. One-week wear is worse than whole-week wear, the hook group so should be as far as possible to make one-week wear steel wire to the whole week uniform wear. In the full length of the wire rope, the uniform wear and tear should be done as far as possible. such as crane wire rope in the use of medium-term change, generally can extend the service life of wire rope $number.

  2. Deformation and Wear

  Due to vibration, collision caused by the surface of the wire rope damage, called deformation wear, this is a local wear phenomenon. If the wire rope on the surface of the drum is impacted by other objects, the crane hoisting wire rope to each other, or because of the pulley and the center of the drum caused by the bite rope phenomenon, will make the wire rope deformation and wear. This deformation and wear is deformed by local extrusion, and its steel wire cross section is stretched into wing shape on both sides of the extrusion. From the outward appearance, the steel wire width expands, although the steel wire rope truncation area reduces not much, but the local extrusion place steel wire surface material hardened, extremely easily breaks the silk.

  3. Internal abrasion

  In the use process, the wire rope through the reel or pulley when all the load under pressure on the side of the wire rope, the radius of the curvature of each fine steel wire can not be exactly the same. At the same time, due to the bending of the wire rope, the steel wire inside each wire will produce the force and slip, then the contact stress between the strands increases, so that the steel wire between the adjacent strands produces the local indentation deep concave. When the cyclic stretching and bending, the stress concentration in the deep recess is broken and the internal abrasion is formed. Usually, the surface pressure of fine steel wire is proportional to the pressure of the wire rope, and under the same tension condition, the pressure of the unit area is different because of the different pressure area. From the view of the surface pressure wear, it is advantageous to adopt the wire-contact wire rope than the point contact wire rope, and the surface contact wire rope is better than the line contact wire rope.

  Understand the wear of stainless steel wire rope, everyone in the daily use of the process can do as far as possible to avoid the wear caused by operational errors. In addition, the bending degree and the speed of the stainless steel wire rope have an effect on the internal wear of the steel wire rope, and the selection of wire rope contact or contact type is an effective way to reduce internal wear.