What are the two main anti-corrosion measures of stainless steel wire rope?
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  What are the two main anti-corrosion measures of stainless steel wire rope?

  The so-called stainless steel wire rope, the most natural premise is not easy to rust in addition to the material of stainless steel wire rope has anti-corrosion function (such as 304 anti-corrosion capacity is higher than 201,316 $number, 316L above 316, etc.). So have you ever thought of any other anti-corrosion measures for such products? Here we introduce two kinds of anticorrosion methods used in general production process.

  I. Coating oil

  All stainless steel wire rope before the factory should be oiled this process.

  First of all, the fiber core immersion oil, can be lubricated from the internal steel rope, and secondly, the surface of the oil can make all the wire strands of the surface evenly coated with a layer of rust-proof lubricating grease. Among them, the friction lifting and mining of large coal mine rope, to be coated with grinding and water resistance to strong black oil grease; Other uses are coated with a strong film, stainless steel wire rope rust-proof performance of good red oil grease, and require the formation of thin, easy to keep clean during operation.

  II. Coating

  Generally galvanized, aluminized, coated nylon or plastic.

  Galvanized steel Wire After the first plating after the thin coating and galvanized steel wire after the thick coating, stainless steel wire rope thick coating of mechanical properties than the smooth wire rope has been reduced, it should be used in severe corrosive environment;

  Galvanized steel wire Rope is more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel wire rope, wear-resisting, heat-resistant, mainly used in fishing trawlers and $literal mine, and so on, the use of first-plating after extraction process; the steel wire rope of nylon or plastic is divided into two kinds: Shang and coating, stainless steel wire rope the former is used for static cable, and the latter is used for movable cable.