Analysis On The Importance Of The Deformation Technology Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  Analysis on the importance of the deformation technology of stainless steel wire rope

  In the production of stainless steel wire rope, after deformation is a very important step, after the deformation of the strand or stainless steel wire rope After the die, after the deformation of further deformation to eliminate stress. In this way, it can achieve better performance of the loose, but also increase the stainless steel wire rope structure of the compact, stainless steel wire rope longitudinal straightness and stainless steel wire rope surface smoothness and so on quality performance.

  The rear deformation of the strands is mainly through the repeated bending and straightening of the strands after the pressure-pressing die through the vertical and horizontal deformation rollers.

  Stainless steel wire Rope After the deformation, in addition to the line die after the stainless steel wire rope for multi-channel vertical horizontal pressure roll bending straightening, but also the stainless steel wire rope through a pair of sizing rollers, it can play a compression, sizing effect.

  The inspection of stainless steel wire in stainless steel wire rope is carried out during the test of the dismantling of the stock, and the stainless steel wire detected by it adopts the steel wire which needs mechanical properties and toughness testing.

  The diameter of stainless steel wire is detected by micrometer or vernier caliper, and the measured diameter is the arithmetic mean of measuring the diameter of two times in the same cross-section perpendicular to the steel wire. The difference in diameter of two measurements is called the ellipse degree of steel wire.

  Stainless steel wire diameter detection can be removed to do the zinc coating quality test (usually the total number of silk 10%) outside of all steel wire, can also be separated after the same nominal diameter of the wire after the complete mixing, and then arbitrarily select the appropriate amount of steel wire for testing. The tolerance of wire diameter in stainless steel wire rope is stipulated in the standard of stainless steel wire rope.