Selection Principle Of Stainless Steel Chain
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  Selection principle of stainless steel chain

  Galvanized chain is simply understood as a layer of zinc on the surface of the chain, the main purpose of galvanizing is anti-rust anti-corrosion. Stainless steel chain is the use of stainless steel material, so as to achieve acid, alkali and other functions. There is little difference between the two purposes.

  So which is relatively better?

  For in the indoor relatively dry environment, the general choice of stainless steel chain, in the outdoors is also more, but to maintain the appearance, but also need to clean regularly. But in some pollution more serious industrial zones or coastal cities, the chain of corrosion is very strong, then need to use a corrosion-resistant galvanized chain, especially the corrosion of seawater is relatively strong, the use of the general stainless steel chain is easy to corrode. The choice of the chain is very important, some places to withstand the ability of strong, and others need to be corrosive, in the choice of time must pay attention.

  Discussion on advantages and uses of stainless steel chain

  The stainless steel chain as a common transmission power device, through the hyperbolic arc of the "chain" design, reduce the friction, so that the power ratio of the larger and slower operation of the place, than the belt drive has obvious advantages, such as tanks, pneumatic compressors, etc., but the transmission speed can not be too fast, because the chain flexibility is not as good as belt conveyor.