The Role Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope In Modern Industry
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  The role of stainless steel wire rope in modern industry

  Stainless steel Wire Rope is a modern industrial equipment, it first appeared in 19th century, when the West is in the first industrial revolution period, due to the needs of a variety of industries and construction industry, stainless steel wire rope has been widely used. At first, it was used in mine operations and then used in mechanical power and in the control and operating systems of automobiles and airplanes. The main role of wire rope in these industrial projects is traction, fixation and connection, because of stable performance, moderate price, durability and other characteristics, rapid spread, widely recognized by industry.

  Compared with other ropes, stainless steel wire rope has extremely stable chemical properties, it is not easy to be corroded and can withstand the storm, so it is the most widely used new industrial product in the first industrial revolution. Compared with Western countries, China introduced this kind of wire rope time later, so after the introduction, the excellent performance of this wire rope quickly broke the traditional Chinese construction industry materials limitations. Since China's reform and opening up, this wire rope is not only widely used in all walks of life, China also specializes in the production of stainless steel wire rope factory, not only to meet the internal use, but also export. Today, the domestic production of stainless steel wire rope has been sold to the world, with the advantages of quality and price smoothly opened the door of the international market, stainless steel wire rope manufacturing industry prospects for a bright future.