What Are The Specific Requirements For The Conditions Of The Stainless Steel Chain?
- Aug 28, 2017 -

  What are the specific requirements for the conditions of the stainless steel chain?

  The storage of stainless steel chains is also essential for prolonging life. When these parts are not used, they can not be placed anywhere, otherwise it is easy to make the quality of the stainless steel chain damaged. Do not store these products in moist, high temperature and chemical corrosive substances. Avoid storage in humid environment, because the chain in the humid environment, the surface of water and oxygen in the chemical reaction to form rust, damage the quality of the chain, and thus affect sales.

  With the development of the world economy, China's stainless steel chain industry is full of vigor and vitality, many new changes have taken place in production development, product structure, technology quality, market development and economic operation, and many new achievements have been made. We see many achievements at the same time, China's chain industry still has a lot of problems, the brand effect is not enough, high-end products less, chain steel quality is difficult to guarantee and many other problems. China's chain of steel supply conditions are poor, basically also belongs to the seller's market. Although many enterprises adopt a variety of options, but also limited to the price and specifications, and the inherent quality of steel is difficult to guarantee. And the foreign chain manufacturing steel used in steel production plant according to the requirements of matching, its composition, surface quality and geometric accuracy can meet the requirements for the chain product processing Automation provides an effective guarantee. This is also the middle and low, domestic can export, and high-grade need to import reasons.

  In the development of stainless steel chain, in addition to the development of chain products and the appearance of new materials, enhance the function of stainless steel chain, improve the overall strength and stiffness, programmable controller and computer appearance, the development of stainless steel chain is a huge impetus, stainless steel chain electrical control system with high-precision, high sensitivity, high reliability of speed control, signal acquisition, signal transmission, logic implementation components, so that the electrical control of stainless steel chain has a rapid change in the level, It is possible to implement some complex automated conveyor lines with logical network functions. At present, the high performance stainless steel chain has the fault self-diagnosis, the fault grade discrimination and the fuzzy intelligent control and so on advanced function, the newest appearance fully digitized stainless steel chain is getting the attention of the stainless steel chain industry.