Eye-Eye Wire Rope Assemblies

Eye-Eye wire rope assemblies Diameter: 0.3-11mm Construction: 7*7,1*7,7*19 Rope material: galvanized or stainless steel Terminals: Hook,eye bolt,loop,carabiner,ring eye,swaged ferrule,toggle jaw etc. Application: Lighting,machinery,medical,security,sports fittings,toys,window,lawn&garden...

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Eye-Eye wire rope assemblies



Rope material:galvanized or stainless steel

Terminals:Hook,eye bolt,loop,carabiner,ring eye,swaged ferrule,toggle jaw etc.

Application:Lighting,machinery,medical,security,sports fittings,toys,window,lawn&garden etc.

Warning:Breaking strength should never be considered the rope’s working load,safety factory5:1,Coating must be removed from installation area when attching fittings.

Specification:As required.(When designing a cable assembly,many factors need to be considered.such as,work load,abrasion,cycle life,and flexibility,environment,cost,safety etc.The larger the diameter,the greater the work load capacity and the less flexible it will be)

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